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Diamonds or Gadgets?

One question many men have to ask themselves this Valentines day is deciding on what to give his woman. Besides the Flowers and Chocolates what else, some diamonds and jewelry or a new Laptop or a High Definition Television? Well we decided to run a poll to see just what women out there wanted for […]

beauty and the geek on tv

Well I guess I haven’t been watching much t.v lately.. just got an email about this beauty and the geek show.. at first I just brushed it off as some kind of cheap attempt at a reality show that you may expect to see on the bar t.v at 2am.. but looking at the pics […]

Paris Hilton featured in top 10 women geeks in UK

This was quite a shocker, Paris Hilton described as one of the top ten women geeks by cnet uk? Apparently they are giving her a place in the top women geeks because she is touted as a hardcore gamer. I had not known about Paris’ hardcore gaming, I have just seen all the Paris Hilton […]

geek girl t shirts

Found a cool selection of geek girl t shirts!

I would definitely sport a few of these geek girl shirts from cafe press..

birthday hint 😉