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Wind energy made simple and cheap

One of the problems for the average person in collecting wind energy is the wind turbines are very BIG and not to cheap and have parts that have to be re-greased and replaced every so often and that can be expensive as well. Thanks to this next inventors idea all that may have changed.

Basically using a cheap piece of plastic material someone can pull it tight under a object and attach it to these energy collectors and because of the flutter created by the object it collects energy enough to run a light a radio recharge a phone or whatever you would need maybe even homes ones day. Click over and see this awesome video of the inventor Shawn Frayne showing you just how his invention called a wind belt it works.

1 comment to Wind energy made simple and cheap

  • Tony

    I just watched the video about this on Popular Mechanics and your right this idea for Wind enrgy is probably the best thing since sliced bread!