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The Ray Gun

Just like anything in this world somethings can be used for good like the Kanzius Machine and other things for bad like this next piece of technology called the Ray Gun. Which like its name hits the enemy with a invisible blast of high intense radio waves that heat your nerve endings under your skin and cause you to get out of the rays path because of the tremendous amount of heat you feel as a result of being in its path.

The one shown on the video is mounted on top of a Humvee but one wonders when a more portable version will be available and when they put one in the sky on a satellite or unmanned vehicles, anyways enough dreaming into the future just go ahead and see what now by checking out the great video segment done on 60 minutes

2 comments to The Ray Gun

  • Hi Jane!

    Not sure where we connected — may have been Twitter or Plurk — but I bookmarked you a while ago for further reading.

    I like your stuff!

    It’s rare to find a woman into the same stuff as me, so that’s pretty good.

    As for the ray gun thing, yes, in terms of technology, there are several different approaches, spanning everything from beams of radio waves (as you mention) to invisible light spectra which stun the muscles of the unhappy victim as well as good old-fashioned x ray emissions, which give the sensation of ones skin being flailed!

    Speak soon, Jane…

  • Noel Berg

    I saw the episode on 60 minutes also, and I thought that the Ray Gun was an awesome weapon! I think that “we” should be using that anywhere we are fighting. Too bad that funding is not being authorized to send it to Iraq or Afghanistan, where it needs to go!