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The Australian firewall is almost up!

The Australian firewall is soon to be up and I applaud the reasoning for them putting up this firewalll such as blocking illegal content but many suggest that it will not block its intended targets because the bad people do there stuff on peer to peer networks and other file sharing networks meaning that blocking a single .com will work but 99% of it is done on networks and not single URL.

But what about other future uses that may come along with this firewall like stories about the Government or religion blocked? Only time will tell what will be blocked by the Australian Government but what other stuff can be done instead of this option to block unwanted material from entering the country?

Hottest gadgets for women this year!

After taking a poll from all our women geeks here and on our newsletter we came up with the top five gadgets women want for Christmas. We had several ties as to what was the best gadget was, so we decided to let you know now that they are in no particular order.

1. Apple iPhone
2. Sony Playstation 3
3. Nintendo Wii
4. Laptop
5. HD Television

Rest assured if you get that woman in your life one of the above along with some jewelry and flowers than you can not go wrong!

RIAA stops sueing music downloaders

The Recording Industry Association of America {RIAA} has stopped suing music downloaders and now will resort to another tactic for stopping illegal music swappers, it plans on telling your internet service provider {ISP} to shut down their connections. A deal has been worked out between the two so all the RIAA has to do is send a letter to an ISP and they will shut down that account. This tactic is a lot cheaper than filing lawsuits against millions of people and stops them immediately from uploading anymore content.

I do imagine though with the ability to hide or spoof IP addresses it will not be long before someone is kicked off there ISP for not doing anything wrong and than will file a suit and who knows what then but for now this is how the RIAA is going after illegal music uploaders and downloaders.

Finished upgrading my WordPress to 2.7

Just got finished upgrading my WordPress to 2.7 and so far so good I am digging the new admin panel look and I also decided to go ahead and add some plug ins as well on top of the upgrade. one of them being a sitemap generator which does exactly what you think it does.

There were a lot of security fixes since my last upgrade and I am happy no one decided to hack my blog. but one of the main reasons for me not upgrading was all the hassles that came along with it but now the new version 2.7 has a one button push upgrade from the admin panel so no more worries about that any more, thanks goodness.

Future Dentistry options are now and coming!

Many advancements in the field of Dentistry have been made recently and obviously since the last time I ve been to one. For instance some major advancements in sleep dentistry have been made like sleep dentistry or taking some pills and falling asleep to awake to a looking better smile. Lasers are now playing a pivotal role in Dental treatments as well from teeth whitening to treating Periodontal disease. And I can imagine one day seeing radio wave, stem cell, and nanotechnology treatments being offered by Dentists to help treat all types of Dental problems.

Of course the best way to take care of your teeth is with a rigorous Dental plan that includes daily flossing brushing and rinsing with mouth wash. As well as staying away from things that hurt your teeth and gums like smoking and chewing tobacco. But remember to still go get your teeth cleaned by a professional at least twice a year you would be surprised what can build up under your gums or on the surface of your teeth.

Nanotubes from crystals

Was reading this awesome story titled Nanotubes hold promise for next-generation computing which is about the next technological breakthrough in computing by using crystalline quartz to grow nanotubes on. This allows for better formations of the nanotubes using this type of quartz, instead of on silicon wafers which when nanotubes are grown on those the nanotubes grow in all different directions instead of in a much more straighter pattern like on the crystalline quartz.

So what will happen is the nanotubes will probably be grown on the crystalline quartz then transfered over to a silicon wafer. In my opinion the amount of computing speed this is going to create is massive and may break Moores law when it comes to how fast we advance in computing speeds vs time to get there.

Salt water as fuel

Was combing YouTube for various different types of alternative fuels and came across this amazing video clip of a man named John Kanzius that invented a way to burn the salt in water via radio waves of course this is not all this wonderful machine can do.

It may also be a cure for cancer that is right a cure for cancer check out this post for that wonderful story. I know it may sound to good to be true be as the video shows his machine works!

The Ray Gun

Just like anything in this world somethings can be used for good like the Kanzius Machine and other things for bad like this next piece of technology called the Ray Gun. Which like its name hits the enemy with a invisible blast of high intense radio waves that heat your nerve endings under your skin and cause you to get out of the rays path because of the tremendous amount of heat you feel as a result of being in its path.

The one shown on the video is mounted on top of a Humvee but one wonders when a more portable version will be available and when they put one in the sky on a satellite or unmanned vehicles, anyways enough dreaming into the future just go ahead and see what now by checking out the great video segment done on 60 minutes

Radio wave cures

A cure for all sorts of types of cancers may be on the way thanks to a new type of machine named after its inventor Jon Kanzius called the Kanzius machine. This video done by 60 minutes shows how a man using nothing but his wives pies pans and a radio was able to create a machine that could heat certain metals injected into the cancer and kill the cancer.

To see just how this amazing machine works go over and check out the great videos on Yahoos 60 minutes website and watch for your self this wonderful machine called the in action.

Wind energy made simple and cheap

One of the problems for the average person in collecting wind energy is the wind turbines are very BIG and not to cheap and have parts that have to be re-greased and replaced every so often and that can be expensive as well. Thanks to this next inventors idea all that may have changed.

Basically using a cheap piece of plastic material someone can pull it tight under a object and attach it to these energy collectors and because of the flutter created by the object it collects energy enough to run a light a radio recharge a phone or whatever you would need maybe even homes ones day. Click over and see this awesome video of the inventor Shawn Frayne showing you just how his invention called a wind belt it works.