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Salt water as fuel

Was combing YouTube for various different types of alternative fuels and came across this amazing video clip of a man named John Kanzius that invented a way to burn the salt in water via radio waves of course this is not all this wonderful machine can do.

It may also be a cure for cancer that is right a cure for cancer check out this post for that wonderful story. I know it may sound to good to be true be as the video shows his machine works!

3 comments to Salt water as fuel

  • I was reading an article about using salt water as fuel, and it was saying that unfortunately burning the salt water releases a really nasty toxic chemical in the air. A better alternative, in my opinion, is using algae to make biofuel. That will have a positive effect on the environment and is a renewable resource, and studies have indicated that it will be cheaper to do than oil, and can be refined in existing refineries!

  • […] for fuel in the World Posted July 28, 2008 Filed under: News, Science, Technology | Using salt water as fuel is a real possibility thanks to an inventor named John Kanzius. This post over at women geeks talks […]

  • Eric

    The salt water as fuel invention guy is a fraud, he is violating the first law of thermodynamics, specifically he is getting out more energy than exists in the medium itself.

    If he has indeed created what he has claimed to create, then he has invented the holy grail of technology, a perpetual motion machine.

    Unsure about the cancer treatment though.