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Radio wave cures

A cure for all sorts of types of cancers may be on the way thanks to a new type of machine named after its inventor Jon Kanzius called the Kanzius machine. This video done by 60 minutes shows how a man using nothing but his wives pies pans and a radio was able to create a machine that could heat certain metals injected into the cancer and kill the cancer.

To see just how this amazing machine works go over and check out the great videos on Yahoos 60 minutes website and watch for your self this wonderful machine called the in action.

1 comment to Radio wave cures

  • I just saw a re-run of that 60 minutes episode last night! I thought it was really cool that maybe the radio waves will cure cancer! I hope that the man who thought of this will live long enough to see it happen. Wouldn’t it be great if it cured him too!