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Future Dentistry options are now and coming!

Many advancements in the field of Dentistry have been made recently and obviously since the last time I ve been to one. For instance some major advancements in sleep dentistry have been made like sleep dentistry or taking some pills and falling asleep to awake to a looking better smile. Lasers are now playing a pivotal role in Dental treatments as well from teeth whitening to treating Periodontal disease. And I can imagine one day seeing radio wave, stem cell, and nanotechnology treatments being offered by Dentists to help treat all types of Dental problems.

Of course the best way to take care of your teeth is with a rigorous Dental plan that includes daily flossing brushing and rinsing with mouth wash. As well as staying away from things that hurt your teeth and gums like smoking and chewing tobacco. But remember to still go get your teeth cleaned by a professional at least twice a year you would be surprised what can build up under your gums or on the surface of your teeth.

1 comment to Future Dentistry options are now and coming!

  • Abby

    When i go to the Dentist I always get passed out using the intravenous IV sedation method and always wake up after feeling great and not remembering a thing!