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girl geek or stripper?

So I came across this geek of the month over at geek zine, and I think this girl has got to be a stripper who is pretending to be a geek just to get some pics published.. although maybe the younger girl geeks today are have some racy hollween costumes that borderline what kind of stripper clothes you expect to see at the local lap dance venue.

from the geek zine:

I know HTML code, I made a website for my dog, I borderline worship Leonard Nimoy, I can beat you at Guitar Hero, and I plan my life around Adult Swim even though I have TiVo.

geek girl stripper

Right now I am leaning toward she’s a stripper, if anyone knows more of her details let me know, it would be interesting to see how today’s women geeks are more provocative than those I went to school with.

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