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Diamonds or Gadgets?

One question many men have to ask themselves this Valentines day is deciding on what to give his woman. Besides the Flowers and Chocolates what else, some diamonds and jewelry or a new Laptop or a High Definition Television? Well we decided to run a poll to see just what women out there wanted for thier special day. Whatever you choose is fine with us we just want to know what women out there want and ofcourse if it is niether of the above or the usual two things let us know what you would love to have on the Febuary 14th

1 comment to Diamonds or Gadgets?

  • Linda

    Definitely Gadgets ! Something Hot and sexy yet feminine, like a Mac Book Air or a I pod Nano (not PINK) unless she’s got to have it. Me I would want the Nano to match the Mac Book Air or whatever Laptop I’m using . Have the back inscribed with something the 2 of u will understand, something sexy!