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Electric cars

Found these two really great posts that talk about 2 different electric cars. The first post talks about a car named Karma made by a company called Fisker Automotive, that is half electric and half gas powered.

The other car is named Tesla and is a total electric car that can go over 250 miles on a single charge. Both posts are worth reading and I hope to see many more like these because going green is something everyone needs to do in this World in order to save the World.

Women Geeks Theme

Although we wanted to spotlight the current theme we are using it is not the theme we are planning on sticking with but it sure is better then that plain Default blue theme wordpress comes standard with. Right now a few women are busy custom making from scratch a 4 column WordPress theme that we will make public on the wordpress theme directory soon after we publish it here. We noticed while searching for how to create a wordpress there were no videos we could find on how to make a wordpress theme, so we are working on getting a video made while they work on the current design and once we edit it down a little bit we will upload the how to video to You Tube, Google and Yahoo Video services for everyone out there to watch that wants to learn about how to create a wordpress them from scratch.

New theme and bling coming

We have decided to go back to the original WordPress theme it came with until we can create our own wordpress theme. At the moment we are in a debate about how the theme should look, the main issue being how many columns there should be and what information should go in each one.

Thanks for all the girls helping out on this project I look forward to seeing what you all come up with for the final design. We are also making a widget of this blog so everyone can keep track of the posts via there desktops and we are designing a logo which we will then turn into buttons and other cool stuff.

Feed Burning Bling

Have signed up the RSS Feed at Feedburner which is the best service in the cyberspace if you ask me for burning your feed. We do plan on offering Podcasts and Videocasts in the future and Feedburner also works with these formats but for now we just are burning text and photos. Which will probably bring me to the next post of whether to use Flickr Slide or Photobucket for the photos. Which ever we choose.

Meeting with the girls

After a brief but nice video conference via all the girls of women geeks we have decided to do the following to help everyone on the internet access this website and it is as follows.

1. Make the site multi lingual

2. Make a mobile version of the site

3. Make an account with all news subscribers so no matter what service you use you can get our information.

4. Start adding photo via Photobucket

5. Start adding videos via Google You Tube and Yahoo video

And for now that is what we hammered out on the first meeting like I said it was brief and there was a lot of hello nice to meet you stuff going on which is great but time consuming.As for topics we plan on covering in the next meeting the working group can find them in your email accounts because I just sent them 😉 As for you the reader please let us know if there is a service or something we do not offer that you would like to see on this website.

Delicious Bling

Have added the Delicious favorites to the sidebar so now everyone can easily find stuff we have tagged here at women geeks. We are also busy sending out invites to women geeks to write posts about there jobs life or anything in between so stay tuned for this is something we plan to start to offer starting April. Have not had a chance to add the delicious Widget to the sidebar but as soon as I figure it out I will probably post the problems I ran into and how I did fix it to work the way i wanted.

Share this bling

As you can see at the bottom of everyone of our posts now is a Share This icon that will allow anyone to add the post to your favorite reader or email it to a friend. The plug in was made by Alex King and you can download it by going this webpage. Another plug in I did consider but decided to not use was Add To Any which allows you to do the same but since the Share This plug in also allows the user to email the post I choose this one by Alex because it is like two plug ins, in one.

Brainiacs Succeed in Mapping 248-Dimensional Object

Brainiacs Succeed in Mapping 248-Dimensional Object via Ashley Bowers Blog

That high school math problem with a page-long solution was a cakewalk compared to a recent mathematics answer that would ink an area the size of Manhattan if written out in small print.

A total of 18 mathematicians and computer scientists from several countries worked for four years to successfully map the inner working of one of the most complicated structures in math, a 248-dimensional object. The findings were reported today by the American Institute of Mathematics.

It was discovered over a century ago, in 1887, and until now, no one thought the structure could ever be understood, said project leader Jeffrey Adams, a mathematician at the University of Maryland. This groundbreaking achievement is significant both as an advance in basic knowledge, as well as a major advance in the use of large-scale computing to solve complicated mathematical problems.

The mapping of E8, according to researchers, may very well have unforeseen implications in mathematics and physics which wont be evident for years to come.

Underlying symmetrical objects such as spheres and cylinders is something called a Lie group a mathematical group invented by the 19th century Norwegian mathematician Sophus Lie to study symmetry. E8 is an example of a Lie group.

This is an exciting breakthrough, said Peter Sarnak, a researcher at Princeton University. Understanding and classifying the representations of E8 and Lie groups has been critical to understanding phenomena in many different areas of mathematics and science, including algebra, geometry, number theory, physics and chemistry. This project will be invaluable for future mathematicians and scientists.

The result of E8 and all its representations is 60 gigabytes in size, enough to store 45 continuous days of music in MP3 format. In comparison, the Human Genome Project holding the entire genetic code of a cell is less than a gigabyte in size.


Have been tinkering around with some ideas on how to make the blog a little bit better. First thing I have chosen to do was add the blog and feed to Technorati. You can check out our Technorati favorties here or click on our Technorati profile in the sidebar. Also the things I have chosen or done in order to bling this blog will be posted, so any other WordPress users can find out useful tips and tricks for the bling. One of the most important things that is on the list is to make the site mobile friendly and get a QR Code for it. But for now the Technorati is a good start.

girl geek or stripper?

So I came across this geek of the month over at geek zine, and I think this girl has got to be a stripper who is pretending to be a geek just to get some pics published.. although maybe the younger girl geeks today are have some racy hollween costumes that borderline what kind of stripper clothes you expect to see at the local lap dance venue.

from the geek zine:

I know HTML code, I made a website for my dog, I borderline worship Leonard Nimoy, I can beat you at Guitar Hero, and I plan my life around Adult Swim even though I have TiVo.

geek girl stripper

Right now I am leaning toward she’s a stripper, if anyone knows more of her details let me know, it would be interesting to see how today’s women geeks are more provocative than those I went to school with.